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Publié : 8 octobre 2015
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(Travelling to) Brighton - Day One

5pm, we had an appointment at the port of Dieppe, where everybody was going on the ferry.

It’s ready, the travel begins ! We are so excited to go in England !
We choose a place on the boat and we visit it : we are stunned by the size of the ferry ! It was great and the armchairs were confortable.
The departures is coming.

6:30pm, the boat leaves the port. We are so happy but sea was agitated, with a lot of wind, and approximatly five people in the class were feeling sick. The rest of the class looked the start on the upper deck of the boat. What we could see was great.

During the travel, more people were sick, and the other passed the time by playing card, watching the TV or playing video games.

The travel took a very very long time, but we arrived on New Haven at 9pm, and we are alive !!! Next, we took train to go to Brighton. We dragged our feet to the hotel.

11pm, we arrived at the youth hostel where we discovered each bedroom. We were so happy, because now, we could sleep !!!!

Good night and see you tomorrow.

Antoine, Célia, Lucille, Ludivine, Marina.