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Publié : 9 octobre 2015
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Brighton - Day Two

After our first night in Brighton, we had our appointment for our first breakfast « so British » at the youth hostel.

Each group, had its occupations, in this regard we had to interview a manager of the youth hostel (YHA), for a little more information on the functionning, attendance of the hostel and the town of Brigthon in general.

Once this missions was accomplished we went to the Royal Pavillion in Brighton to interview tourists.

As the goal of our school trip is to meet the opticians and learn more about their ways of working, we then went to Boots.

Unfortunately, we did not have conclusive results, because the optician did not respond to our request in a positive way. Then it was the departure for the second optician from our small list : Vision Express.
The opticians being occupied we could not make the following our interview. Still, they told us to go the next day to answer our questions.

For lunch we found our friends in a restaurant, the menu of chicken and fries of all kinds.

Not far from the restaurant was our third optician. He also gave us an appointment the next day for an interview. After the afternoon we wandered around brighton, at the beach, it was the shopping program.
Suddenly an optician specialised in sunglasses made his apperance ! Therefore we interviewed him.

After a busy day we all ended up for dinner together at the Indian restaurant, where we were all debriefed on our respective days.

By Amandine, Caroline, Diane, Marine & Marion