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Publié : 11 octobre 2015
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Brighton - Day Three

On Friday we began this last day at nine o’clock, time for breakfast at the YHA ’s self.
Then we went to the room to wake Maeva up and we prepared our bag in order to go to shopping, and after that we went to Primark. It’s a big shop composed of three floors, they sell a lot of inexpensive clothes.

At half past twelve we had to go to Eye Site store for a meeting with an optometrist


After this meeting, which was very interesting, we went to the Brighton lanes. It was very amazing because there was a second-hand shop with old refractors and others with diffrrents types of old things like weapons ,guns, etc...

At 2:30 pm we ate at " Gourmet Burger Kitchen" (x) It’s a fabulous restaurant where we ate tasty burgers (x). After that we decided to visit the Royal Pavillon which is inspired by Indian architecture. It’s a wonderfull place !!!

After our visit, we went discover the Churchill square center, there were many shops and we discovered the "bonne maman" stall. We tasted very good products. At 6:30 pm we met with the class in order to go to dinner. However, Mirna forgot her phone at Primark, we came back at the store and we fought to get back her phone, as the store was closed. After this moment we went to the fish and chips.

We decided to like the last moment in the dynamic streets of Brighton. When one of us decided to test people’s reactions and know if they are funny, that’s why we played the selfie game. We had to take lots of selfies with Brighton people in 10 minutes. At the end we had to count the number selfie in order to know the winner and the winner was Zaïnabe. During this game we got a yukulele performance !

After this rush day we came back at YHA to prepare our bagage to go back home.