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Publié : 3 janvier 2016
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Suffragette by Sarah Gavron

movie review

Certains élèves du lycée, dont les 1re ES2, ont eu l’occasion de voir le film Suffragette, en VOST, de Sarah Gavron au cinéma les Arcades, que nous remercions ici.

Voici quelques critiques :

" I really enjoy this movie. It’s not my favorite movie ever but it was good.
I liked the actors. I love Carey Mulligan in « An education » and « never let me go. »
Her acting is so good. I love Helena Bonham Carter too in all Tim Burton’s movies.
The story was wonderful, It’s fantastic to know what was going in the women past in England. Their story are so inspiring. They were so strong. It’s an exemple for all of us i think.
The lights was really dark, I don’t like that it’s kind of inconfortable. I know it was for represent the reality and see the difference into 2 different world : Poor and rich but for me it just shady.
I didn’t really enjoy the soundtrack. Sometimes it was too much for me, it was too pathetic. I think it was for develop the audience’s feelings in front of the scene.
I love films like that which inspire you. After a movie like this, you just think about so many things. Usually when I watch a movie I expect that.
I can compare this movie to « Invictus, » « Mandela, » « Selma, » « Into the wild » or « The rosa parks story. »
Those movies relate the past and tell stories of those heroes."

Suzanne A.

" My opinion about this movie is balanced because sometimes the film was boring for me, for example I don’t like the moment where we see Maud Watts in jail for the first time. The acting is good for me, but not the acting of Sonny Watts, he was not involved. I would have liked to see this character more serious and bad at the end when he throws Maud Watts out. The rythm and the soundtrack are good because of they were cool together. The motivation of the suffragettes in the movie is better than the story of Maud Watts. I appreciate more the idea in the globality of the film, it’s more interesting than the personal situation of Maud. In the movie the characters talk about Emmeline Pankhurst but we just see her 2 or 3 minutes in the movie, yet she is the leader of the movement. I like the idea of the hidden place on the pharmacy of Hugh Ellyn. This is a real story and just for that I like the movie which pays tribute to these women who fought for their rights. I enjoy to see the list at the end of the movie with the country and the year in which the vote for women was accepted.
My rating for the movie is 6/10."

Guillaume H.

"The acting of this movie is good, particularly Carey Mulligan with the principal character of Maud Watts, who gave me emotions. We went into her life & her character in the movie. The story is very interesting. The vote of women, seems to me, today normal, but with this movie, we can see the evolution of the place of women. The characters are very fascinating because each women has a different story. The light in the movie is dark at some moments. The soundtrack is of good quality and gives suspense because the music corresponds to the actions. I like this movie because it gave me emotions, particularly passages between mother and her son. But the rhythm is too slow at times.
Seeing this story with a movie is more interesting than a documentary. My rating for this movie is 8/10. "

Mathilde L.

"We are talking about "Suffragette" a historic movie, it talks about a real story, in nineteen twelve .
The subject is about the battle of women ( and a little of men ) to have the right to vote in Britain. It’s an interesting story because it’s a real cause of men and women equality. I dislike the facts they don’t speak about other countries, the movie stays in Britain and it’s regrettable. I found it really showed well the conditions and the landscape of the beginning of the twentieth century . It’s a good idea to have all the date at the end of the movie .
To conclude , the movie is good for culture and entertainment. My rating is a 7/10"

Yohan H.

"I really love this movie because at the end I say that we are very lucky to be part of one generation where there are a lots of liberties, we are free to do what we want even if we are white, black, red, boys or girl.
I appreciate Carey Mulligan because I think she has incorporated well the role of Maud Watts. I dig the choice of actress because they are not beautiful, they are real. It’s good to highlight poverty and they suffer from oppression gouvernement about poor women.
My rating for this movie is 9/10 just because nothing is perfect."

Georges D.

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