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Publié : 29 mars 2017
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Rencontre au lycée avec la chorégraphe Robyn Orlin

Compte-rendu par Amel, Clément et Titouan :

On Wednesday, March 15th a South-African direction/photographer came to Marc Bloch High School to present her show. Robyn Orlin came with two of her dancers, Muzi Shili and Thanjiwe Soxokoshe. They explained the subject of the show they presented that night at l’Arsenal.

First, they talked about the goal of the piece and the message they wanted to deliver. "Beauty remained for just a moment then returned gently to her starting position" was the idea of a producer who liked the personality of Robyn Orlin and who envied her her love of South-Africa. He asked her to create a piece which deals with the beauty of South-Africa because the real beauty is not only safaris !

She found it difficult to talk about one beauty only. And this makes the piece. For her, the sunshine is also something beautiful. She said that everybody agrees with this idea. Finally, title speaks for itself.

Solly is one of a dancer in her show who lives in the streets of South-Africa. Robyn Orlin brought him in order to help him and make him move on. This, reflects the beauty of the people in South-Africa.

She really wants tp represent in her show the most simple forms because beauty exists in simple things.

Her dancers told us this project was really crazy because they felt her dancing or not just playing theater.

In spite of this, Art in South-Africa is not represented enough that’s why, this polyglot performance is shown all around the world. Yet she found it’s different to work in Europe but it’s not a problem because the universe is the greatest inspiration of the choreographer. She found it amazing to see different people and different culture.

Robyn Orlin travelled a lot, but this woman has known apartheid in South-Africa. She lived this historical period where black people were considered like objects. She explained what happened and how she lived it.

To conclude, Robin Orlin does this representation to give us the real universal beauty of South-Africa. She wants to deliver this message in honor of the fight during the apartheid which we talked about in the interview. This show is engaged, just like Robyn Orlin is engaged.