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Publié : 4 novembre 2017
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Terminales L - The Sound of Los Angeles

Les Terminales L partagent leurs chansons préférées sur Los Angeles.

Alyssa’s choice : Angeles - Elliott Smith
"It’s typical of the music and listen to while reading or on my way to school in the bus. The slow melody and guitar relaxes me."

Camille’s choice : Windowpane - Mild High Club
"It was the song that made me think the most about LA. and transported me most to its beaches in Venice and Santa Monica. I like the melody and the rhythm, they remind me of summer."

Claire’s choice : Los Ageless - St Vincent
" I like the genre, rock and electropop. I like the wordplay in the title. It’s like everybody can have fun in L.A. It feels like it’s a city of youth. It makes me feel like it’s a perfect sunny day, on the 292 sunny days in a year in L.A.!"

Eva’s choice : 90210 - Dent May
"It is a lively and simple song, so are the lyrics. The old-fashioned melody stays in mind. That’s why I can say I love this song."

Hugo’s choice : Prima Donna - Vince Staples featuring A$AP Rocky
"Rap is my favorite type of music. I like the song’s rhythm and flow."

Kilian and Léna and Océane’s choice : Welcome to the Jungle - Guns ’n’ Roses
"This song is so catchy, you cannot NOT enjoy it." (K)
"I like this kind of rock music and its music, and I find that the lyrics are linked to our topic, L.A." (L)
"It reminds me of nice car trips with my father, who’s a fan, this music is special to me." (O)

Maël’s choice : The Message - Kamasi Washington
"I like jazz, the rhythm of the song is fast, it’s lively. Moreover, jazz is famous in L.A., it’s part of the city’s culture and history."

Maëli’s choice : Why You’d Want to Live Here - Death Cab for Cutie
"I like the music itself, the sounds, the rhythm, what comes from it...not so much the lyrics, but the spirit of the song."

Pierre’s choice : Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"I think the song gives another point of view on L.A., which is liberating. It’s also a shout of hope."

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